Five Star Communications

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Telephone Systems

Communications today depends on reliability, flexibility and profit that is why we insist on the using the best products. We provide a straight forward approach to your ever changing communication needs whether it is analog or digital service. Our systems are user friendly and compatible with any service. Automated attendant and voice mail are just a few of the features that is cost effectively delivered for businesses with a few lines or many lines.

Security Systems

Protection for your home and family is not an easy decision. A professionally installed security system from Five Star Communications will fulfill your home security needs and most importantly, fit your budget. Five Star Communications installation along with 24/7 protection for you, your family and your belongings, whether you are home or away. Our goal is to give you peace of mind knowing that you are protected 24/7 -365 days a year


    Building your dream home from the ground up gives you the chance to add today’s “Smart” technology to enhance entertainment, communication and comfort. The home connection center is where it all comes together. Signals from the outside world (telephone, cable TV, satellite, and Internet) enter the Home Connection Center and are distributed throughout the home.

Today’s fast paced lifestyles demand high-speed technology and your home is equipped just for that. All Phone and Data ports are wired with Cat5E High-Speed cable. RG6 Quad shield coax cable will accommodate the highest picture quality and the fastest Internet speeds. Regardless if you work from home or just want to relax, it’s all up to you.

Audio Distribution

    Put on soft background music or crank up the volume for a high energy party atmosphere. By providing a multi-room audio system that can integrate with your existing audio gear and deliver high-quality stereo sound through discreet, flush-mounted speakers allows the home-owner to take charge of there listening throughout the home. The kids can be listening to a IPOD in their rooms while you listen to your CD’s. Five Star Communications will design a audio system that fits your lifestyle.

Home Theater Systems

Life is busy—work, family obligations, errands, chores. When it’s finally time for leisure, why not get the most from your favorite TV show, sporting event or movie? A Five Star Home Theater is an affordable way to relax. Surround yourself with riveting movie sound and superb musical performances. Hearing full spectrum sound from the front, sides and rear puts you in the center of the action and adds drama and excitement to your entertainment. People want to get together in the most comfortable surroundings with the best amenities. A Five Star Home Theater makes your home the logical choice for your family and friends to enjoy being together.

CCTV Systems

You'd love to be everywhere at once to make sure your family and business is ok. A Five Star Camera System is the next best thing to being there. Monitor your children from beginning of crib to playing in the yard with the neighborhood kids. Monitor swimming pool, porches,outdoor areas and indoor areas of concern. Peace of mind comes with knowing that everything in and around your business or home is how it should be.

Home Automation

Bright and cheerful or soft and romantic you decide how you want your home to feel by choosing how to light it. Whether you control one room or the whole house, lighting options are easy and affordable for every home size. Not sure what kind of lighting you’ll want down the road? No problem. A small investment in a “Backbone” now will give you many options for comfort in the future.

Data Networks

With the every day changing of technology the one constant is the WEB although ever changing it is still a resource that we use to communicate. We can design, define and implement a data network system that allows information to flow fast, efficient and reliable for your business.